Olá! – Hello!

Portuguese  is a Romance language. It is the official language of Portugal, Brazil, Mozambique, Angola, Cape Verde, Guiné-Bissau and São Tomé e Príncipe. Portuguese has co-official status  in Macau, and in East Timor in South East Asia. Portuguese speakers are also found in Goa in India.

According to estimates by UNESCO, Portuguese and Spanish are the fastest-growing European languages after English and the language has the highest potential for growth as an international language in southern Africa and South America.

Portuguese has only two dialects used for learning: the European and the Brazilian.


  1. One: Um [oon]
  2. Two: Dois [doh-eesh]
  3. Three: Três [treh-sh]
  4. Four: Quatro [kwa-troo]
  5. Five: Cinco [cin-koo]
  6. Six: Seis [say-eesh]
  7. Seven: Sete [set]
  8. Eight: Oito [oy-too]
  9. Nine: Nove [noh-vee]
  10. Ten: Dez [desh]
  11. Eleven: Onze [on-zee]
  12. Twelve: Doze [doh-zee]
  13. Thirteen: Treze [tray-zee]
  14. Fourteen: Catorze [ka-tor-zee]
  15. Fifteen: Quinze [keen-zee]
  16. Sixteen: Dezasseis [deh-zah-say-eesh]
  17. Seventeen: Dezassete [deh-zah-set]
  18. Eighteen: Dezoito [deh-zoy-too]
  19. Nineteen: Dezanove [deh-zah-nov]
  20. Twenty: Vinte [veent]




Obrigado – Thank You

Adeus! – Goodbye!