Lithuanian Flag

Lithuanian Flag

Labas! (LAH-bahs) – Hello!

Lithuanian is the official state language of Lithuania and is recognized as one of the official languages of the European Union. It is written in a Latin alphabet. The Lithuanian language is believed to be the most conservative living Indo-European language. Lithuanian still retains many of the original features found in some ancient Indo-European languages like Sanskrit and Latin, and has therefore been the focus of much study in the area of Indo-European linguistics.

Lithuanian is one of two living Baltic languages, along with Latvian. An earlier Baltic language, Old Prussian, was extinct by the 19th century. The other Western Baltic languages, Curonian and Sudovian, went extinct earlier.

Lithuanian is spoken mainly in Lithuania. It is also spoken by ethnic Lithuanians living in today’s Belarus, Latvia, Poland, and the Kaliningrad Oblast of Russia, as well by  emigrant communities in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Norway, Russia, Sweden, the United Kingdom, the United States, Uruguay, and Spain.


  1. One: vienas (VYEH-nahs)
  2. Two: du (doo)
  3. Three: trys (trihs)
  4. Four: keturi (kah-too-RIH)
  5. Five: penki (pahn-KIH)
  6. Six: šeši (shah-SHIH)
  7. Seven: septyni (sahp-tee-NIH)
  8. Eight: aštuoni (ahsh-tow-NIH)
  9. Nine: devyni (dah-vih-NIH)
  10. Ten: dešimt (DAH-shihmt)
  11. Eleven: vienuolika (VYEH-naw-lih-kah)
  12. Twelve: dvylika (DVIH-lih-kah)
  13. Thirteen: trylika (TRIH-lih-kah)
  14. Fourteen: keturiolika (KAH-tuh-ryoh-lih-kah)
  15. Fifteen: penkiolika (pan-KYOH-lee-kah)
  16. Sixteen: šešiolika (SHAH-shyoh-lee-kah)
  17. Seventeen: septyniolika (sap-TEE-nyoh-lee-kah)
  18. Eighteen: aštuoniolika (ahsh-TOW-nyoh-lee-kah)
  19. Nineteen: devyniolika (da-VEE-nyoh-lee-kah)
  20. Twenty: dvidešimt (DVIH-dah-shihmt)
Trakai Castle

Trakai Castle


  • black – juoda (YWOH-dah)
  • white – balta (BAHL-tah)
  • green – žalia (ZHAH-lyah)
  • red – raudona (row-DAW-nah)
  • brown – rude (ROO-dah)
  • orange – oranžinė (aw-rahn-ZHEE-nehh)
  • yellow – geltona (gahl-TAW-nah)
  • blue – mėlyna (MEHH-lee-nah)
  • grey – polka (PIHL-kah)
  • pink – rausva (ROWS-vah)
  • purple – violetinė (vyaw-leh-TIH-nehh)

Ačiū (AH-choo)– Thank You

Sudie (soo-DYAH)– Good Bye!