Hallo! – Hello!

German is a member of the western branch of the Germanic family of languages, which in turn is part of the Indo-European language family. German  is traditionally divided  into High German and Low German dialects spoken by approximately 100 million native speakers. German is one of the world’s major languages and the most widely spoken first language in the European Union. German is the third-most taught foreign language in the English-speaking world, after French and Spanish.

German is the official language of: Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein. It is one of multiple official languages of: Luxembourg, Switzerland , Belgium.


  1. One: eins (ighnss)
  2. Two: zwei (tsvigh)
  3. Three: drei (drigh)
  4. Four: vier (feer)
  5. Five: fünf (fuunf)
  6. Six: sechs (zekhs)
  7. Seven: sieben (ZEE-ben)
  8. Eight: acht (ahkht)
  9. Nine: neun (noyn)
  10. Ten: zehn (tsayn)
  11. Eleven: elf (elf)
  12. Twelve: zwölf (tsvoolf)
  13. Thirteen: dreizehn (DRIGH-tsayn)
  14. Fourteen: vierzehn (FEER-tsayn)
  15. Fifteen: fünfzehn (FUUNF-tsayn)
  16. Sixteen: sechzehn (ZEKH-tsayn)
  17. Seventeen: siebzehn (ZEEP-tsayn)
  18. Eighteen: achtzehn (AHKH-tsayn)
  19. Nineteen: neunzehn (NOYN-tsayn)
  20. Twenty: zwanzig (TSVAHN-tsikh)


  • black – schwarz
  • white – weiß
  • green – grün
  • red – rot
  • brown – braun
  • orange – orange
  • yellow – gelb
  • blue – blau
  • grey – grau
  • pink – rosa
  • purple – violett


Danke – Thank You

Auf  Wiederseh’n – Goodbye!