French flag

Bonjour! – Hello!

French is a descendant of the Latin language of the Roman Empire. It is an official language in 28 countries. Most native speakers of the language live in France, where the language originated. The rest live essentially in Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Gabon, Luxembourg, Monaco, etc.


  1. One: un /œ̃/
  2. Two: deux /dø/
  3. Three: trois /tʁwa/
  4. Four: quatre /katʁ/
  5. Five: cinq /sɛ̃k/
  6. Six: six /sis/
  7. Seven: sept /sɛt/
  8. Eight: huit /ʔɥɪt/
  9. Nine: neuf /nœf/
  10. Ten: dix /dis/
  11. Eleven: onze /ɔ̃z/
  12. Twelve: douze /duz/
  13. Thirteen: treize /tʁɛz/
  14. Fourteen: quatorze /katɔʁz/
  15. Fifteen: quinze /kɛ̃z/
  16. Sixteen: seize /sɛz/
  17. Seventeen: dix-sept /dis.sɛt/
  18. Eighteen: dix-huit /di.z‿ɥit/
  19. Nineteen: dix-neuf /diz.nœf/
  20. Twenty: vingt /vɛ̃/

Eiffel tower


  • black – noir
  • white – blanc
  • green – vert
  • red – rouge
  • brown – marron
  • orange – orange
  • yellow – jaune
  • blue – bleu
  • grey – gris
  • pink – rose
  • purple – violet

French songs

One of the popular french nursery rhymes is “Frère Jacques” sometimes translated as “Brother John”.

The original French lyrics of this song:

Frère Jacques, frère Jacques,
Dormez-vous? Dormez-vous?
Sonnez les matines! Sonnez les matines!
Din, dan, don. Din, dan, don.

Which can be translated as:

Are you sleeping? Are you sleeping?
Brother John, Brother John,
Morning bells are ringing! Morning bells are ringing!
Ding, dang, dong. Ding, dang, dong.

Merci – Thank You

Au revoir! – Good Bye!