About Us

We are a small family business specialising in providing information to school teachers and parents who wish to give their children better education.

We are providing the following services:

Educational materials

Educational MaterialsIn this section you will find information and educational materials related to the UK National Curriculum. We aim to provide information for most of the topics and subjects discussed in the Key Stages 1-4, such as literature, history, mathematics, physics and so on.

We want to encourage parents to spend more time with their children studying the material at home or more specifically outside of school. Therefore we provide additional information which hopefully make studies easier and more fun.

The additional information generally includes the following:

  1. Find out more section, which provides links to further reading and other interesting online resources such as games and quizzes.
  2. Places to visit section, where you can find information about the places related to the subject, such as museums, exhibitions, castles and so on.
  3. Take home section, which has a list of items you might want to consider purchasing as a present to your child. Please note that we do not sell any items, we just provide links to what we think might be interesting and related to the topic.

We also in the process of creating material for teachers, such as worksheets and quizzes. Not all topics have these resources available yet, but we’re working on it. If you have anything that you wish to share please contact us, we will be happy to publish this information.

Schools database

Schools DatabaseSchools database is a comprehensive list of all UK school institutions. Currently we have around 30 000 records with up to date information. Each school record provides basic information such as the location and address of the school, website and email addresses, name of the head teacher and contact details – phone and fax numbers.

In addition to this information we are constantly extending our database and will be including additional statistical information, such as population numbers in the area, demographic situation.

This information can be used by parents who are planning to move home and frankly speaking the new home location sometimes is heavily influenced by the schools available in the area. Information if free to use for personal use.

Local businesses can also benefit from this database as it will allow for better advertising opportunities. If you are interested in marketing campaigns, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to provide more information.