James Carter

James CarterJames Winston Henry Carter  is a poet and guitarist. Reading is where James was born on November 27, 1959. He can’t remember a single thing about it.

At the age of 8, James played biscuit tin drums in his first and short-lived band The Electric Spiders. Sadly, the band broke up after only one morning because his best friend’s mum wanted her drumsticks – well, knives and forks – back.

James Carter book 1Trains are where he does most of his writing. James visits Primary schools all over the UK, so catches many trains. If you see someone sat on a train writing a poem on an envelope, that could – just could – be him.

James Carter is a popular and regular visitor to Primary schools all over the UK and abroad – where he gives poetry (with music) performances and workshops. In the last ten years, James has visited over 1200 Primary schools.

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